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Founded by Celebrity Chef Aanal Kotak TSK is well versed in the Audience’s expectations.

With experience in the culinary industry, the company has now stepped into the Food and Beverage Industry to bring a new touch to the elements that play a key role in the kitchen and help you bring Restaurant-style food at home with Gravies, Premixes, Spices, Ready to Eat, Ready to Cook and much more.

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  • TSK Ready to Cook Gravy

    TSK Ready to Cook products are made with just the right amount of spices and other ingredients to ensure that you get that authentic flavour every time. Simply cook it with paneer/vegetables and serve. In about 5-10 minutes, you'll have a fantastic real meal.

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  • TSK Baking Pre-Mixes

    Now you can make your homemade cakes even better with TSK's fantastic range of Bakery Premix. Chocolate Premix, Vanilla Premix, Red Velvet Premix, and Bread Premix are among the Bakery Premixes we offer.

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  • TSK Sweets

    Who doesn't like sweets, and India has a wide variety of them. TSK offers Gulab Jamun, Peanut Halwa, and Rasgulla, among the traditional canned sweets.

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  • TSK Masala

    Spices are the common link connecting us in a nation with so many different cultures and cuisines. At TSK, you will get naturally and finely grinded masalas which are the secret Recipes of Chef Aanal Kotak.

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  • Unlock

    Open the TSK Product to savor the flavor.

  • Heat

    Read the instructions on the backside and prepare accordingly for the best results.

  • Eat

    Enjoy the food with authentic flavors and great taste.

  • Zero Preservative

  • No Added Colors

  • Fresh From Farm

  • Hassle-Free

  • Premium Quality

  • Handcrafted Recipes

  • Healthy and Tasty

  • No Artificial Flavor

Frequently Asked Questions


What is TSK Hospitality?

TSK Hospitality is a new Retail Brand that aims to make life easier, with food on one go. Our products are Ready to Cook, Ready to Eat, so all you have to do is cook which takes minimum time. Our food products are quick, simple, and delicious. We offer 33 fascinating products to choose from, including Biryani Masala, All-Purpose Red Gravy, Baking Premixes, and much more.

Are TSK products Ready to Eat or Ready to Cook?

TSK products are ready to cook in which you have to add some basic ingredients in it as per your requirement and we also offer ready to eat products.

Should TSK products be stored in the fridge?

No. You don't need to store it in the fridge as it is made with a retort process. Keep it in a cool and dry place. In case, if you are opening the packet and not using it whole, then you have to store it in the fridge which can be used for 2 days.

Do you provide a home delivery service?

Yes. We do provide a home delivery service.

How are TSK products different from other packaged foods?

TSK products are made with farm-fresh ingredients and most importantly every product is made while keeping in mind the problem faced by people after eating Ready-to-cook food like acidity. Our products are pure and natural.

What is the shelf life of TSK products?

The shelf life of every product has already been mentioned in the box.

What range of products does TSK offer?

TSK offers a wide range of Ready to Eat, Ready to Cook, Baking Premixes, Masalas, and Food Products.

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