About Us

Chef Aanal Kotak has been constantly delivering something new to the audience, thanks to her multiple accomplishments and skills. These experiences have given her a better understanding of her target market.

Our products are packed with care and attention to detail. TSK GRAVIES, SPICE MIX, BAKERY PREMIXES, READY TO COOK, READY TO EAT AND SWEETS represent our Chef's culinary experience, reflecting original flavors, and bringing out the best in your cuisine. This is achieved by maintaining quality and without tampering with the natural flavors. Due to the company’s close contact with audience preferences, we've been able to produce items that set us apart and make us easier to relate to.


    Transparency and honesty in dealing with TSK HOSPITALITY's products contribute to our goal-oriented customer service. However, this will assist us in being a valuable supplier to our customers. 


    We fulfils our goals as well as customer expectations with our Goods and Services. With the ease of contact and getting in touch with us, we shall deal with every inquiry. We hope to work with you on a long-term basis.